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Previous Year CBSE Question Papers Class 12 Maths

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In this article  we want given you Previous Year CBSE Question Papers Class 12 Maths. Choosing science–stream was one of the best decision of your life. When you decided to choose science over other streams. Find Information of CBSE Board  examination, and also find previous year cbse solved CBSE Board Examination Question Paper with Answer

Download Previous year CBSE Question Papers Class 12 Maths (Last 10 Year)

1.    (2017) Previous Year CBSE Question Paper Class 12      Download pdf

2.    (2016) CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper 2016 pdf   Download pdf

3.     (2015) CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper 2015 pdf   Download pdf

4.     (2014) ‘Previous Year CBSE Question Paper Class 12’    Download pdf

5.     (2013) Maths Previous Year CBSE Question Paper          Download pdf

6.     (2012) Last Year CBSE Question Paper Class 12 Maths  Download pdf

7.     (2011) Last Year CBSE maths question paper class 12    Download pdf

8.     (2010) Maths Last Years CBSE Question Papers              Download pdf

9.     (2009) Maths Last Years CBSE Question Papers              Download pdf

10.   (2008) “Previous Year CBSE Question Paper Class 12”    Download pdf

11.   (2007) Maths Past Year CBSE Question Paper                  Download pdf

12.   (2006) Last year solved question paper of cbse class 12 maths    Download pdf

13.   (2005) Previous Year CBSE Board Question Paper of Class 12 Maths  Download pdf

– – – – – – – Best revision tips & Importance of Previous year CBSE Maths – – – – – – 

Give yourself enough time to cover each of your subjects in detail, and create a revision timetable as soon as you can, or once you feel like you have covered all new information in your lectures and seminars.

Make sure you have enough time to fit everything in, and balance your time between each of your modules. Even though it’s fine to take longer on key subjects you find tough, don’t neglect the modules you think you have a keen grasp of; you should try to cover everything that might be in the exam.

Find a place where you-won’t be distracted-whether it’s at your parent’s-house, your-room or a communal study space within your accommodation or the university library.

…..Starting at 09:30-am and finishing at 04:00-pm will mean that you-have much more free time, and energy-compared to getting up at 02:00 pm and finishing, when it’s already-dark, and your friends are already-out. Make the effort to get-up in the morning and you will have much more free-time in the afternoon and will be less likely to miss-out on your social-life!!!!

NCERT & Previous Year CBSE is not ENOUGH Buddy

NCERT only gives you the  basic idea about the topics which  are important for your board exams,  and not the in-depth study of the topics.

So according to my 1st point you–should complete your NCERTtextbook, to get the idea of topics, and then you must go for some CBSE Board XIIth PCM  reference books. And please, do not go for those heavy 2KG  books likes Pradeep etc, go for some lightweight–books like Exam Idea etc.

Well reading NCERT–textbooks is really a very good idea and an intelligent student can easily understand that what I mean to state here. But, my dear friend reading NCERT is not enough as in the case of NCERT book you won’t find the type of questions, and deep–study about any topic.

1st of all Done complete NCERT Books

You have noticed that the good–scouring of your class always stick with NCERT–textbooks and the only reason is that the NCERT gives you the exact–information about the syllabus and in text reading.

But, if you donot have enough time then choosing NCERT–textbook is not a good idea, because NCERT–book is not going to boost you up in lesser-time. Therefore, it is advised that you must–look around for the time, remaining for the exams…

Time will kill you specially Maths Subject

I cannot suggest you a time table here because every student has his/her own daily schedules and plans, so be the king of yourself and prepare a good time table and follow it until the board exams knocks your door and don’t let the time kill you.

Time management is as simple as chewing food, but a number of students do not take much interest on this scenario and this is the only reason they don’t score much in their exams as they expect.

So keep in mind that while preparing for your board exams you must go for time management first.

Taking food meals on proper time, taking proper sleep and giving a great time to studies are the key points of time management. Time management is a key weapon of every successful student, using the time in a proper way will definitely give you a great boost while preparing for your board exams.

A good scorer always keeps an eye on time management, and hence he/she gets a good result. So what is time management?

Tomorrows work do today,

Today’s work now

If the moment is lost,

The work be done how

In Kabir Doha, he has clearly to explain the human tendency of laziness and procrastination. We all tend to postpone matters, we are indecisive and given a choice we would like others to be doing work and we simply enjoying a cool time.

When it comes to us, we try to get away by saying, “Very busy, no time.” Don’t we?  This lethargy is what Kabir is condemning. Besides, according to me, his emphasis is on now, the present, the moment as it is. Now, that is Life, the moment.

It is in the now, in the spontaneousness that one gets energized to do, to achieve, to realize. As they say, it is now or neverKeeping this context in mind, this Kabir Doha clearly teaches us to shed all procrastination and lethargy. It motivates us to do whatever we have to do, and do it now. If we will keep postponing it, then the work will never be done.

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