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Physics AIPMT NEET Gravitation MCQ Practice Sample Question Papers / Problems with Solution 2017-2018

Subtopic : (a) Kepler’s laws (b) Universal law of gravitation (c) The gravitational constant (d) Acceleration due to gravity of the earth (e) Acceleration due to gravity below and above the surface of earth (f) Gravitational potential energy (g) Escape speed (h) Earth satellites (i) Energy of an orbiting satellite (j) Geostationary and polar satellites (k) Weightlessness Summary

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Newton at the age of 23 is said to have seen an apple falling down from tree in his orchid. This was the year 1665. He started thinking about the role of earth’s attraction in the motion of moon and other heavenly bodies. By comparing the acceleration due to gravity due to earth with the acceleration required to keep the moon in its orbit around the earth, he was able to arrive the Basic Law of Gravitation.

Gravitational Field :

The space surrounding the body within which its gravitational force of attraction is experienced by other bodies is called gravitational field. Gravitational field is very similar to electric field in electrostatics where charge ‘q’ is replaced by mass ‘m’ and electric constant ‘K’ is replaced by gravitational constant ‘G’. The intensity of gravitational field at a points is defined as the force experienced by a unit mass placed at that point.

Effect of rotation of the Earth : 

The earth rotates around its axis with angular velocity ω. Consider a particle of mass m at latitude θ. The angular velocity of the particle is also ω.

Relation Between Gravitational Field and Potential : 

The work done by an external agent to move unit mass from a point to another point in the direction of the field E, slowly through an infinitesimal distance dr = Force by external agent × distance moved = – Edr.

Gravitational potential Energy : 

Gravitational potential energy of two mass system is equal to the work done by an external agent in assembling them, while their initial separation was infinity. Consider a body of mass m placed at a distance r from another body of mass M.

Gravitational self-energy : 

The gravitational self-energy of a body (or a system of particles) is defined as the workdone by an external agent in assembling the body (or system of particles) from infinitesimal elements (or particles) that are initially an infinite distance apart.

Gravitational self  energy of a system of n particles : 

Potential energy of n particles at an average distance ‘r’ due to their mutual gravitational attraction is equal to the sum of the potential energy of all pairs of particle.

Escape speed : 

The minimum speed required to send a body out of the gravity field of a planet (send it to r → Infinity)

Suppose a particle of mass m is on earth’s surface We project it with a velocity V from the earth’s surface, so that it just reaches r → Infinity (at r → Infinity, its velocity become zero) Applying energy conservation between initial   position (when the particle was at earth’s surface) and find positions (when the particle just reaches to r → Infinity)

Kepler’s Law for planetary Motion : 

Suppose a planet is revolving around the sun, or a satellite is revolving around the earth, then the planetary motion can be studied with help of Kepler’s three laws.

Class 11 and 12 physics part of section Gravitation are accessible in this article. Above given these key notes are imperative and exceptionally accommodating for amendment reason before the NEET (AIPMT) examination.

Why Physics NEET Gravitation Test Papers are important for Entrance Examination?

If we find previous years aipmt question papers, we saw many questions come in NEET Gravitation Chapter. So here we provide Practice paper / Sample papers / Problems / Model Test Papers are cover a no. of test papers with precarious answer with indications and answer for check exactness of the hopefuls at the season of your last test of the year. That is the reason test paper / issues are extremely critical for cracking NEET/AIPMT examination.

There are different aides of practice test address paper for modification before medicinal placement tests:

Give yourself enough time to cover each of your subjects in detail, and make an update timetable when you can, or once you sense that you have canvassed all new data in your addresses and semnars.

…..Starting at 09:30-am and completing at 04:00-pm will imply that you-have substantially more extra time, and vitality contrasted with getting up at 02:00 pm and completing, when it’s now dull, and your companions are as of now out.

NEET Exams Preparation Tips

(a) Revise and re-revise. At least 3-4 revisions are a must before you start taking mock tests.

(b) If you are from a non-math subject at the 10+2 level, revise important formulae and have a good grasp of high school standard mathematics. Understanding of common terminology is a must.

(c) Buy objective books and practice answering questions. Attempt questions one by one and when you are finished, correct your responses.

(d) Test yourself on individual topics. Once you feel you are doing well in a given topic, obtain a sample test for the subject. Evaluate your performance, and continue revising if needed.

(e) Take mock tests (of the same three and a half hour length) one month prior to the test.

(f) Be thorough with the basics in physics, chemistry and biology of your class 11 and 12 board syllabus. Questions are asked from all the sections of the class 12 board – physics, chemistry and biology.

(g) Evaluate how many questions you marked incorrectly. Identify problem topics and revise before proceeding to the next chapter or next section.

(h) Do not study the day before the test. What you have studied until then is enough. Do not think at all. Relax, go for a walk, sleep or listen to music. Recharge your energy for the next day.

(i) Many candidates use coaching centers or private tutors to prepare. You may choose to do so, but before choosing one, identify your needs.

(j) Do not buy too many books. It’s better to read one book 10 times than read 10 books one time.

(k) Sample test questions will give you a feel for what the test looks like. Make sure to go through these before test day.

(l) Stop reading new fundamentals just before the exam. One month before the exam, concentrate on taking mock tests and revise what you have studied.

(m) Have a light snack before leaving for the examination center. This is a must to keep you energized during exam. Keep a water bottle with you during the exam, this will not only help with thirst, but help you to maintain a cool temperament during the examination.

(n) Reach your examination center at least 30-40 minutes in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

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