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JEE Mains Physics Chapter Wise MCQ Practise Sample Paper

JEE mains physics

JEE mains physics, Mathematics in Physics, Kinematics in One Dimension (1D), Kinematics in Two Dimensions (2D), Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion, Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion, Work, Power and Energy, Centre of Mass, 

Chapter Wise JEE Mains Physics Practice Sample Question Paper MCQ Pattern 2018  

Chapter 01.   Mathematics in Physics

Chapter 02.   Kinematics in One Dimension (1D) and Two Dimensions (2D)

Chapter 03.   Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion

Chapter 04.   Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion

Chapter 05.   Work, Power and Energy

Chapter 06.   Centre of Mass, Momentum, Impulse and Collisions

Chapter 07.   Rotational Motion

Chapter 08.   Gravitation

Chapter 09.   Oscillation (Simple Harmonic Motion) and Elasticity

Chapter 10.   Current Elasticity

Chapter 11.   Fluids

Chapter 12.   Thermal Properties of Matter (Temperature of Heat)

Chapter 13.   The Ideal Gas Law of Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 14.   Laws of Thermodynamics

Chapter 15.   Calorimetry and Heat Transfer

Chapter 16.   Waves and Sound

Chapter 17.   Sound

Chapter 18.   Electrostatics 

Chapter 19.   Capacitors

Chapter 20.   Current and Electricity

Chapter 21.   Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields 

Chapter 22.   Electromagnetic Induction 

Chapter 23.   Alternating Current Circuits and EM Waves

Chapter 24.   The Reflection of Light (Geometrical Optics) : Mirrors

Chapter 25.   The Refraction of Light (Geometrical Optics) : Lenses & Optical Instruments

Chapter 26.   Wave Nature of Light 

Chapter 27.   Bohr’s theory, Dual nature of atom, photoelectric effect & X-rays 

Chapter 28.   Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Chapter 29.   Semiconductors and Communication Devices

JEE Main:

One of the most prestigious engineering entrance exams, JEE is divided in two parts- JEE Main and JEE Advanced. If you want to take an admission in prestigious engineering colleges in India, you have to clear these exams and let me tell you, it is not as easy as it seems. Every year, thousands of students appear for the exams and try their best to shape their future. JEE Advanced is an internationally recognized engineering exam that is considered as one of the most challenging engineering exams to crack. If you pass the JEE Main, then and then only you can appear for JEE Advanced.

If you crack JEE Main, you can get admissions in colleges like National Institute of Technology (NITs), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs) and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs).

JEE Main examination has two papers only: if you want to pursue for BE/BTECH, you can go for Paper 1 and if you want to go for BArch (Bachelor of Architecture), you can opt for paper 2. A student can opt for paper 1 or two or both.

Paper 1:

For this paper, you can choose two modes of writing the test and that are- 1- pen & paper and 2- online. It has three subjects- Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry respectively. Each section has 30 questions with equal weightage. All the questions are multiple choice questions with four options and you have to select one correct choice. It also has a negative marking system. If you select one wrong question, you will have -1 mark.

It is very important that you work with utmost planning and dedication. JEE Main is not your ordinary school exam and if you have not prepared hard with systematic planning, you will not be able to crack it. Students generally start preparing for JEE Main from class 12th grade to succeed. Also, there are many IIT-JEE coaching classes you can join to prepare for it systematically.

JEE Mains Physics Entrance Exams Preparation Tips

(a) Revise and re-revise. At least 3-4 revisions are a must before you start taking mock tests.

(b) Buy objective books and practice answering questions. Attempt questions one by one and when you are finished, correct your responses.

(c) Test yourself on individual topics. Once you feel you are doing well in a given topic, obtain a sample test for the subject. 

(d) Identify problem topics and revise before proceeding to the next chapter or next section.

(e) Do not study the day before the test. What you have studied until then is enough. 

(f) Many candidates use coaching centers or private tutors to prepare. You may choose to do so, but before choosing one, identify your needs.

(g) Do not buy too many books. It’s better to read one book 10 times than read 10 books one time.

(h) Sample test questions will give you a feel for what the test looks like. Make sure to go through these before test day.

(i) Stop reading new fundamentals just before the exam. One month before the exam, concentrate on taking mock tests and revise what you have studied.

(j) Have a light snack before leaving for the examination center. This is a must to keep you energized during exam. Keep a water bottle with you during the exam, this will not only help with thirst, but help you to maintain a cool temperament during the examination.

(k) Reach your examination center at least 30-40 minutes in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

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Previous years JEE Mains Physics papers which are helpful to good score…

There are no extra topics as such, however the distribution in paper pattern is slightly different.

They must have a strong hold on the basics and practice as much as possible to master each subject.
You can also download the JEE Main syllabus for 2017 pdf files .
The Principle of Linear Superposition and Interference Phenomena

Electric Potential Energy and the Electric Potential

The Nature of the Atom 

Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Energy, and Elementary Particles

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