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JEE Mains Mathematics Ellipse MCQ Papers 2018


JEE Mains, MCQ, Function, application derivative, Probability, Integration, Matrices and Determinants, trigonometric, Vector, Series, Continuity Complex Number, Circle, Ellipse, Parabola Hyperbola, quadratic equation, differential, area, Inverse

Mathematics ELLIPSE Practice Sample Question Paper &  Problems on JEE Mains MCQ Level Pdf format 2017-2018

Ellipse Topic and Subtopic

(1) Equations of ellipse, (2) Parameters of ellipse, (3) Tangent, (4) Normal, (5) Circles associated with ellipse and eccentric angle, (6) Equations of chords of an ellipse, (7) Pole and polar

Download Maths ELLIPSE Question Papers on JEE Mains MCQ Pattern with Solution

(a)  JEE Mains Maths Ellipse Practice Papers -01 Download here

       JEE Mains Ellipse Solution-01 Download here

(b)  JEE Main Mathematic Ellipse Sample Papers -02 Download here

       JEE Main Ellipse Solution-02 Download here

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Joint Entrance Exam Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Joint Entrance Exam Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Full Syllabus JEE MAINS (MCQ) practice question paper  DOWNLOAD

Complete Syllabus JEE ADVANCED practice question paper  DOWNLOAD

JEE Mains Mathematics Chapter Wise MCQ Practice Paper (Click here)

How to write in a straight line without lined paper?

I can not write in a straight line unless. I have lined papers to help guide me along the pages. However some-times the task calls for plain-paper where no such lines are in place (i.e. a poster or some such).

I usually write with a ball point pen. However, in the case of a poster, I use felt tip pen which is more susceptible to smudging if rubbed too much / too soon!

I have tried placing a ruler along the page but this messes up my handwriting and it looks a bit weird so I would rather try a new method.

  • Draw thin lines with a pencil and erase them afterwards. If you work with a soft pencil and without much force, the lines are easily erasable and you won`t mark the sheet.
  • If you are working on a poster, you could also provide a line with the help of a beamer/over head projector or some fancy laser liner. It should work best if you are left handed, since you otherwise cover the line with your arm/hand. 
  • Also, you can work at the edge of a table or by placing a ruler under the paper. You will notice directly if you are not on the line. But it will be not beneficial for your style.

Last (past) year papers which are helpful to good score…

Absolutely yes, solving the last 3 to 8 years Q. papers are not only makes the students you stronger, but this also gives a confidence of questions which are coming in our cb.se. board exam of 12th class. So try these papers as a BRAHMASTRA for your preparation of your board exams, because these given Question Papers will be helpful for getting full marks in cbse board examination.

Past 10 year Q. Paper of 2006, 7, 8….. 16 and also available in the attached sheet for students and teachers. Last years Q. paper for C.B.S.E.. board XIIth science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Computer Science are a smart way to revise for board exams.

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