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JEE Mains Applications of Derivative MCQ


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JEE Mains Mathematics Application of Derivative MCQ Level Question Papers with Solution

Topic and Subtopic

(1) Maxima and minima, (2) Global maxima and global minima, (3) Application of maxima and minima in geometry, (4) Problems on approximation, (5) Rolle’s theorem, and intermediate value theorem, (6) Lagrange’s and Cauchy’s mean value theorem, (7) Monotonicity, (8) Nature of roots of cubic and higher degree polynomial, (9) Rate measurement, (10) Problems on tangent and normal, (11) Subtangent and subnormal, (12) Angle between two curves, (13) Shortest distance between two curves

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Download JEE Mains Solved Maths Practice Problems on Application of Derivative  

(A)  Question Paper of Application of Derivative Paper 01 (Download here PDF)

    Solution of Application of Derivative Paper 01 (Download here PDF)

(B)  Question Paper of Application of Derivative Paper 02 (Download here PDF)

    Solution of Application of Derivative Paper 02 (Download here PDF)

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Full Syllabus Sample Paper 01 (ADVANCED Pattern) Download here

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Full Syllabus Sample Paper-01 SOLUTION Download here

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