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JEE Mains Continuity and Differentiability MCQ 2018


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JEE Mains Maths CONTINUITY and DIFFERENTIABILITY Practice Question Paper MCQ Level in Pdf


(1) Left and right hand limit, (2) Algebra of limit, (3) Calculation of limit using L’hospital’s rule, (4) Algebraic limits, (5) Limit of exponential and logarithmic function, (6) Limit of trigonometric function, (7) Continuity of a function, (8) Problems on differentiability

Download (C & D) Continuity and Differentiability MCQ Problems 

(a)  Question Paper of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 01 (Download here)

      Solution of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 01 (Download here)

(b)  Question Paper of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 02 (Download here)

      Solution of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 02 (Download here)

(c)  Question Paper of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 03 (Download here)

      Solution of Continuity and Differentiability Paper 03 (Download here)

Full Syllabus JEE MAINS (MCQ) practice question paper  DOWNLOAD 

Complete Syllabus JEE ADVANCED practice question paper  DOWNLOAD 


JEE Mains Mathematics Chapter Wise MCQ Practice Paper (Click here)


Importance of Last year Mains Mathematics Continuity papers, which are helpful to good score…

yes, if we can solving the jee mains mathematics previous 4 to 7 years question papers with solution if we can find previous papers percentage that is 20% and most important is chapter wise solved mains mathematics practice mock test paper that is 50% also very important for revision full length complete syllabus mains mathematics sample practice problems that is 30%

So we can easily crack mains mathematics exams and its so helpful to good score mains mathematics paper same thing in physics and chemistry exams. that is brahmastra for mains mathematics examination. So try these papers as a BRAHMASTRA for your preparation of your JEE Advanced exams, because these given Question Papers will be helpful for getting full marks in JEE Advanced examination.

JEE-mains is biggest and most important Engineering Entrance Exam in India, known as Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Therefore here on this webpage ezyexamsolution is providing you all the best Practice Sample test paper with solution for 2017, 2018 2019.

I can not write in a straight line unless. I have lined papers to help guide me along the pages. However some-times the task calls for plain-paper where no such lines are in place (i.e. a poster or some such).

I usually write with a ball point pen. However, in the case of a poster, I use felt tip pen which is more susceptible to smudging if rubbed too much / too soon! Continuity

What are significant topics in maths for the JEE Mains and Importance of Maths Differential Chapter?

If you are talking about jee mains and advanced, so each and every topic are important. JEE examiner ask question on every topic. So Cover all the topic of NCERT Mathematics Class 10, 11, 12 glowing. You should have to have six to seven years question paper of jee mains and advanced both students so that you will get to know about the question level and paper pattern. 

Even maths is very important in our life, because its used to complete many different tasks daily, for examples in the bank, hospital, shops, pharmacists engineers, nurse, stock market, investment, IQ development,  use maths every days to perform their expert duty well. Maths makes our life orderly. For example differential chapter, After differential chapter reading, we want do all examples of differential chapter and NCERT, illustrations,

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