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JEE Advanced Probability & Statistics Questions Paper with Solutions

IIT JEE Advanced mathematics Practice Sample Paper

Mathematics IIT JEE Advanced level Practice Question Papers Sample Paper, Solved, Differential Equation, Applications of Derivative, Integration (Definite and Indefinate), Application of Integral (Area Under Curve), Vector Algebra, (

Mathematics-Probability and Statistics Practice Question Papers on JEE Advanced Pattern (2018-2019)

Straight Line Sub-Topic

(1) Addition theorem, (2) Multiplication theorem, (3) Terminologies in probability, (4) General problems on probability, (5) Problems on conditional probability, (6) Problems on Baye’s theorem, (7) Bernoulli’s trial and binomial distribution, (8) Mean and variance of Poisson’s distribution, other probability distribution, median and mode of grouped and ungrouped data, (9) Standard deviation and variance of grouped and ungrouped data

Download Practice Problems on JEE Advanced Pattern – 2019

01.  JEE Advanced Question Papers 01  (Download here

       JEE Advanced  Solution 01  (Download here)

02.  JEE Advanced Question Papers 02  (Download here)

       JEE Advanced Solution 02  (Download here)


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Full Syllabus Sample Paper 01 (MAINS-MCQ Pattern) Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper 02 (MAINS-MCQ Pattern) Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper-01 SOLUTION Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper-02 SOLUTION Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper 01 (ADVANCED Pattern) Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper 02 (ADVANCED Pattern) Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper-01 SOLUTION Download here

Full Syllabus Sample Paper-02 SOLUTION Download here



JEE Mains Mathematics Chapter Wise MCQ Practice Papers (Click here)

Joint Entrance Exam Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Joint Entrance Exam Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

JEE-Mains plus JEE Advanced Significant topics Weightage in Mathematics

Inverse Trigonometric Functions 2% + Sequence and Series 5% + Circles and Family of Circles 6%

Four topics are main and simple, you should use them to your advantage to increase your JEEmain Mathematics scores. First of all you do not do silly mistakes from questions in these sections.

Straight Lines 2% + Limit and Continuity 3% + Applications of Derivative 4% + Matrices and Determinants 4%

Seven topic are definitely do practice for JEEmains Mathematics. JEE Main 2017, 3 – 4  questions from most of the topics listed below are expected on the paper.

(i) Three-D-Geometry FIVE PERCENT questions from this topic are generally straight forward so you can solve them easily by reading the questions properly.

(ii) Probability and Statistics SEVEN PERCENT. I was weak in probability and paid the price for this.

(iii) Vector Algebra  5% + Integration 8% (Indefinite & Definite integral) + Complex Numbers 5% + Parabola 3% + Trigonometric Ratios 3% and list of the topics that you should study atleast once and try to create cheat-sheets or flashcards to help your revise the formulas.

(iv) Logarithms  1% + Quadratic Equations +  Theory of Equations  5% + Sets, Relations & Functions 4% + Differentiation 2% + Permutation and Combination 2%.

You have to have study this properly as concepts from this section will be needed in Probabilty

(v) Binomial Theorem 1% + Locus + Hyperbola 2% + Ellipse  2% + Fundamentals of Mathematics + Solution of Triangle 1% 

Exam Pattern of IIT JEE Advanced 

Every year so many changes in exam jee exam pattern of IU.
In 2009 year, Introduced new Integer question and there were 2 question papers of 3 hours duration separate sections in Phy.., Chem.. and Maths… and Now In 2017 year, only JEE (Mains) top rankers (2,20,000 candidates), which includes candidates from all

Categories wise (Gen,OBC (NCL), SC, ST ) will be eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) exam. Admission to IITs will be based on group-wise All India Rank (AIR) in JEE (Adv.) subject to the condition that such applicant are in the top 20% of successful applicant of their Boards in applicable group.

There are 2 question papers : Paper-1 and Paper-2 of 3-hrs duration each. Equally papers are required.

Each question paper will consist of 3-separate sec., viz., Phy., Chem.. and Maths.. Question papers will consist of MCQ type (multiple choice and numerical answer type) Ques. designed to test Paragraph, reasoning and analytical ability of applicant.

-ve marks will be awarded for incorrect answers to some of the questions.

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