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JEE Advanced Mathematics Calculus (Continuity and differentiability)

IIT JEE Advanced mathematics Practice Sample Paper

Mathematics IIT JEE Advanced level Practice Question Papers Sample Papers Model Question Paper, Solved, 3d geometry,, integral, Calculus Quadratic Equation, Sets. Algebra, Statistics

JEE Advanced Mathematics Calculus (Continuity and Differentiability)

How to crack JEE Entrance Exams

JEE Entrance Exam is the toughest entrance test in India. There are mostly ‘4’ options to each questions, out of which single correct  or Multiple correct than 1 options can be right. Its usually seen that applicant consider MCQ question paper easier as compare to subjective Q.paper.

You will feel stressless after solving the given question papers before writing JEE exam test.

1. JEE Advanced Calculus (C & D) Paper – 01 (Download here pdf.

    JEE Advanced Calculus (C & D) Solution – 01 (Download here pdf.

2. JEE Advanced Continuity and Differentiability Paper – 01 (Download here pdf.)

    JEE Advanced Continuity and Differentiability Solution – 01 (Download here pdf.)

Understandability of questions

After solving the given question papers you will come to know that you are understanding the questions easily as compared previous.

Don’t be in hurry during JEE

Giving the right answer is very crucial in JEE, therefore mark the answers very carefully. Don’t guess the answer too soon! Take some time to think and then make necessary calculations. Stop and read the question and options carefully once again before marking the answer.

Check the Dimensions

Check for the dimensions in your answer options, this technique is very handy while solving physics problems. You can filter options by looking at their dimension;

Calculus (Continuity and Differentiability)

Calculus can be related to equation of function, hence a function can be f(x) actually be visualised in graph as being three-3D. differentiability have some very nice properties, for instance, the ability to find the slop of a equations of function and break them into two or more functions which should be make use of in tougher questions.

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Entrance Exams Preparation Tips

(a) Revise and re-revise. At least 3-4 revisions are a must before you start taking mock tests.

(c) Buy objective books and practice answering questions. Attempt questions one by one and when you are finished, correct your responses.

(d) Test yourself on individual topics. Once you feel you are doing well in a given topic, obtain a sample test for the subject. Evaluate your performance, and continue revising if needed.

(e) Take mock tests (of the same three and a half hour length) one month prior to the test.

(g) Evaluate how many questions you marked incorrectly. Identify problem topics and revise before proceeding to the next chapter or next section.

(h) Do not study the day before the test. What you have studied until then is enough. Do not think at all. Relax, go for a walk, sleep or listen to music. Recharge your energy for the next day.

(i) Many candidates use coaching centers or private tutors to prepare. You may choose to do so, but before choosing one, identify your needs.

(j) Do not buy too many books. It’s better to read one book 10 times than read 10 books one time.

(k) Sample test questions will give you a feel for what the test looks like. Make sure to go through these before test day.

(l) Stop reading new fundamentals just before the exam. One month before the exam, concentrate on taking mock tests and revise what you have studied.

(m) Have a light snack before leaving for the examination center. This is a must to keep you energized during exam. Keep a water bottle with you during the exam, this will not only help with thirst, but help you to maintain a cool temperament during the examination.

(n) Reach your examination center at least 30-40 minutes in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

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