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JEE Mains Ionizing Radiation Nuclear Energy & Elementary Particles

IONIZING RADIATION NUCLEAR ENERGY AND ELEMENTARY PARTICLES 2018-2019 30.1     Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation 30.2     Induced Nuclear Reactions    30.3     Nuclear Fission           30.4     Nuclear Reactors         30.5     Nuclear Fusion            30.6     Elementary Particles   30.7     Cosmology      30.8     Concepts & Calculations       

JEE Mains Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND RADIOACTIVITY 2018-2019 29.1     Nuclear Structure  29.2     The Strong Nuclear Force and the Stability of the Nucleus   29.3     The Mass Defect of the Nucleus and Nuclear Binding Energy         29.4     Radioactivity 29.5     The Neutrino   29.6     Radioactive Decay and Activity        29.7     Radioactive Dating     29.8     […]

JEE Mains Refraction of Light : Lenses and Optical Instruments

JEE Mains (MCQ) Physics : Refraction of Light (Lenses & Optical Instruments) Refraction of Light (Subtopics) 1. The Index of Refraction, 2. Snell’s Law and the Refraction of Light,  3. Total Internal Reflection, 4. Polarization and the Reflection and Refraction of Light, 5. The Dispersion of Light: Prisms and Rainbows, 6. Lenses, 7. The Formation of Images by Lenses, 8. The […]

JEE Mains Alternating Current Circuits

ALTERNATING CURRENT CIRCUITS 2018-2019 23.1     Capacitors and Capacitive Reactance             23.2     Inductors and Inductive Reactance    23.3     Circuits Containing Resistance, Capacitance, and Inductance          23.4     Resonance in Electric Circuits            23.5     Semiconductor Devices           23.8     Concepts & Calculations       

JEE Mains Electromagnetic Induction

ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION 2018-2019 22.1     Induced Emf and Induced Current    22.2     Motional Emf 22.3     Magnetic Flux             22.4     Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction            22.5     Lenz’s Law      22.6     Applications of Electromagnetic Induction to the Reproduction of Sound 22.7     The Electric Generator       […]

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