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Category: PCM (JEE Mains)

JEE Mains MCQ Practice Question of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Paper of JEE Mains Pattern for 2017-2018 years

JEE Mains Application of Integral Area Under Curve MCQ

JEE Mains Mathematics APPLICATION OF INTEGRAL (Area Under Curve) MCQ Sample Question Papers (Download Pdf)  01.  JEE Main Application of Integral (Area Under Curve)         Paper 01 (Download here)   and   Solution 01 (Download here) 01.  JEE Main Application of Integral (Area Under Curve)         Paper 01 (Download here)   and   Solution 01 (Download here) […]

JEE Main Differential Equation MCQ Problems

Mathematics Differential Equation MCQ Practice Sample Papers on JEE Mains Pattern (download free pdf.)  (a)  JEE Mains Practice Paper on Differential Equation 01 (Download here)       JEE Main Practice Solution on Differential Equation  01 (Download here) (b)  JEE-Mains Practice Paper on Differential Equation 02 (Download here)       JEE-Main Practice Solution on Differential Equation  02 (Download here) Full Syllabus JEE MAINS (MCQ) practice question paper  DOWNLOAD  Complete Syllabus […]

JEE Mains Continuity and Differentiability MCQ 2018

JEE Mains Maths CONTINUITY and DIFFERENTIABILITY Practice Question Paper MCQ Level in Pdf Subtopic (1) Left and right hand limit, (2) Algebra of limit, (3) Calculation of limit using L’hospital’s rule, (4) Algebraic limits, (5) Limit of exponential and logarithmic function, (6) Limit of trigonometric function, (7) Continuity of a function, (8) Problems on differentiability Download (C & D) […]

JEE Main p-Block elements MCQ

Introduction, properties and uses of p-block elements Preparation and properties of boron Borax and diborane Boric acid Boron hydrides Properties and preparation of Aluminum Aluminum chloride and Alum Introduction, properties, electronic configuration of 14th group elements Catenation and allotropic form of 14th group elements Oxides of carbon Silicon dioxide Silicones Silicates Silicon tetrachloride Fuel gas […]

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