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JEE Advanced Chemistry in Everyday Life Question Paper

JEE-ADVANCED ; Chemistry in Everyday Life Practice Sample Paper With Answer & Solution 2019 Subtopic of Chemistry in Everyday Life  (1) Tranquilizer and antipyretics | (2) Antiseptics and disinfectants | (3) Anti microbials, anti fertility, drugs and antibiotics | (4) Drugs: classification and target interaction | (5) Antacids, antihistamines, food preservatives and artificial sweeteners | […]

JEE Advanced p Block elements Practice Sample Papers with Solution

JEE Advanced p Block Elements Practice Sample Question Papers with Solution 2019 Sub-Topics 1. Introduction, properties and uses of p-block elements | 2. Preparation and properties of boron | 3. Borax and diborane | 4. Boric acid | 5. Boron hydrides | 6. Properties and preparation of Aluminum  | 7. Aluminum chloride and Alum | 8. Introduction, properties, electronic configuration of 14th […]

JEE Advanced Polymers

JEE-ADVANCED Chemistry POLYMERS Practice Sample Question Paper With Answer & Solution 2019 Sub – Topic of Polymers General methods for polymerization | Natural and synthetic rubber | Classification of polymers | Commercially important polymers | Molecular mass and properties of polymers If you Want to Download Question Paper with Solution & access the PDF, Please […]

JEE Advanced Amines

JEE-ADVANCED Chemistry AMINES Practice Sample Paper With Answer & Solution 2019 Sub – Topic of AMINES Nomenclature of amino compounds | Classification and test for amines | Preparation and properties of amines | Preparation of anilines and identification tests | Properties of anilines | Preparation and properties of nitro compounds | Electrolytic reduction and Baker […]

JEE Advanced Alcohol, Phenol and Ether Practice Sample Question Paper

JEE Advanced Alcohol, Phenol, Ether Practice Sample Paper With Solution & Answer Key Subtopic of Alcohol, Phenol, Ether 1. Preparation method of alcohol | 2. Physical and chemical properties of alcohols | 3. Preparation method of phenol | 4. Physical and chemical properties of phenols | 5. Preparation method of ether | 6. Physical and chemical properties of ethers Question […]

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